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meet andrea

I studied fine art in college and started working in event design when a few friends asked for help with their wedding.  The process of talking with them as a couple, learning what inspired them and dreaming together to create a cohesive design sparked a passion for the process in me.

 I have a holistic approach to event design, prioritizing creating a feeling rather than just a look.  I approached floral design with a fine art mentality and believe that less is more.  The objects that we allow into our space should have intention and intrinsic value.  I design events that are elegant and down to earth, adorned with florals and wildflower spirit.  

I can’t wait to meet you and hear more about your story and what inspires you.





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We believe that what will be the most beautiful about your wedding are all the things that are unique and important to you.  Our process is designed to ensure that we end up with the most beautiful final product possible?


We meet with your planner for an initial walk-through of the venue to determine the vision and logistics.  This is when we brainstorm and daydream about everything we’d lie to create for your day and helps us get a picture of the behind the scenes logistics we’ll need to make the magic happen.    


From there we create a detailed vision board and proposal for your event.  In addition to floral design, we also provide event design options to help with key elements such a table linens and chair rentals to full event design including creative direction for every aesthetic element of your day, including stationary, linens, cake, rentals, drapery and lighting.


Whether you book for floral design, full event design or any level in between, we are dedicated to choosing each element with care so that it’s not only beautiful and just your style but also fits your budget.

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Every wedding is different - and pricing is largely dependent on the size and amount of floral pieces, along with the kinds of florals that fit best with your style and individual wedding aesthetic.

with that in mind - before we are able to give any kind of quote we want to know more about you and your event. it is easiest for us to give you an accurate price estimate when you are able to provide the following information:

  • what info?

for more information on pricing see here.